Status and Problems

Currently, all walks of life in China use keys, print bar code papers, scanning 2D codes by mobile phones or entering passwords and other conventional ways to open safe-deposit boxes and storage cabinet doors. However, keys and paper notes are easily lost, and easy theft of passwords, etc will increase the probability of loss of the stored items; the procedures for registered loss and renewal of verification of identity are complicated. Failure to obtain records of the use of storage cabinets will result in more management disorder. Seen from the above, the conventional management methods for storage cabinets are faced with problems such as waste of labor, slow speed, fraudulent requisition and no security, etc.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

The iris storage cabinet management system launched by IRISIAN is based on the exclusivity of iris, and by iris recognition, the personnel using the cabinets are subject to identity authentication to live up to the functions of controlling the opening and closing of storage cabinets. And by computer technologies, we can effectively record the time for cabinet door opening by iris recognition as well as information on personnel to achieve the functions as recording the taking and using so that the management of storage cabinets will be more convenient and efficient.

Its own iris information can replace all keys, magnetic cards, passwords and bar codes to reduce theft of passwords and ease the troubles of using and memorizing passwords and changing them.
The background management system can pull and take records of all box opening so that it will be convenient to consult specific personnel and time information as well as duties to be imposed on.
System managers can cancel the cabinet door opening authority without no longer using the same at the background of the management software. The lessees will be unable to open the cabinet door any longer in future; when users require rent once again, they will be required to be distributed storage cabinets only without registration once again to achieve the result of lifelong use after one-off enrollment.
If storage cabinets are leased with compensation, iris enrollment devices can bind iris information with ID card information and bank cards to achieve automatic deduction of charges as scheduled for cabinet lease, which is convenient and quick.
The devices have network connection functions, and new control points and be added at low costs by upgrading.

System composition

Recommended products: desktop iris collectors JH-2500DC
Connect JH-2500DCwith computers and run corresponding software. The devices can collect iris images and ID card information for binding before automatically uploaded to cloud servers. JH-2500DC is simple and quick in operation, and it is applicable to centralized enrollment on a large scale by personnel using the cabinets within a short time.
Recommended products: iris enrollment recognition devices JH-7100D
They are placed on storage cabinet counters. The JH-7100D devices are provided with high resolution face cameras to ensure high quality face capture images capable of comparing with the photos on ID cards to ensure that there will be no fraudulent counterfeited enrollment. The devices are provided with PSAM card readers, identity card readers capable of binding users’ ID card information, bank card information and iris information, and capable of selecting the availability of the function as automatic payment of fee on the self-service terminal to prevent the overdue operation of storage cabinets from bring inconvenience and loss to the lessees.
Recommended products: wall-mounted iris recognition devices JH-5200A
The products themselves have pitching function, which can suit users at heights between 1.3 and 1.9 meters. While providing high accuracy iris recognition, they can also select scene monitoring and face recognition functions to enhance the management of persons using the storage cabinets. The products have passed “IRISIAN cloud” service for cloud comparison, and support unlimited number of users, and they can be arranged in internal/public networks. Moreover, they ensure quick response of service. The back of the devices is provided with various kinds of access control interfaces and expandable cascaded programmable logic controllers (PLC) to achieve the effect that one set of device will control several safe doors.
They are responsible for the output of the entire system as well as the processing, storage, pairing and control of output information.
Computers are used to perform central management and monitoring of all units, and to carry out corresponding clock, authorization and statistical management work.

Fields of application

Bank storage cabinets, electronic express delivery cabinets, community mailboxes, milk boxes, electronic storage cabinets and military lockers;
Short-term storage boxes in supermarkets, libraries, exhibition centers, bus stations, docks, skating rinks and other places;
Lockers, etc for employees from factories, government offices, hospitals and special industries and sectors.

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