Status and Problems

Prisons are penal institutions in China as well as places in which criminal suspects are put. Due to the specialty of their duties, they have special requirements for the safety precaution systems. In the new situation of anti-terrorism and maintenance of stability and construction of a harmonious society, security is paramount. In the case of escape from prison or riot in prison, it will immediately cause a great disturbance to the society.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

IRISIAN makes an integrated use of biometric recognition, databases, networks, computer software and other identity recognition security control systems with advanced technologies. It has launched prison AB access control iris identity recognition solution, seamless integration of access control management devices, patrol management devices, time and attendance management devices, visitors management system, monitoring devices, alarm devices and other prison security systems so that it becomes an organic entirety for the prison monitoring and management, which can effectively prevent the possibility of escape from jail or riot in prison.

IRISIAN has applied the biometric recognition living body test technologies and devices, which can distinguish counterfeited and forged images and give automatic alarms; the stability, exclusivity and ant-fake performance of iris features determine the advanced technologies, so it is applicable to application scenes of prison with demanding security.
Due to the stability of iris features, once iris information is registered, it can be used on a lifelong basis; one system can control several access controls, and sets whether to enter subject to the authority.
Real-time inquiry of entry and exit records; iris recognition unit itself can store as many as hundreds of thousands of entry and exit records to be transferred to servers in a real-time manner for backup.
Enrollment of iris information can be completed within 2-3 seconds, and recognition can be completed within 1 second. The products support upgrading and maintenance without necessary complex operation and expertise, which helps reduce costs in maintenance.

System functions

• They support dual door interlock and anti-following functions. When any door is controlled requiring to be opened, it is absolutely prohibited that another door is in the open state

• Emergency door sealing and alarming function: In the case of any alarm, the door is subject to emergency door sealing by management software. Two doors can be sealed by force to stop enemy from outdoors or capture evildoers between the two doors with alarms triggered at the same time

• Schedules can be set for all outout and inin control to control outout time, and form historical records in the system

• The background management software performs intelligent management of authority to entry and exit of personnel, entry and exit time and modes of entry, carries out real-time monitoring of personnel’s entry and exit and corresponding events, and stores corresponding data for later reference

System composition

Access control management software, iris system software, and monitoring management center
Product recommendation: JH-2500DC
Product recommendation: JH-5200A

Fields of application

Entrance and exits for anti-terrorism by public security, prisons, arsenals, bank vaults and other importance places;
Confidential archives, center machine houses and cultural relics storerooms;
Medical disease control, virus laboratories, state controlled drug warehouses and precision apparatus rooms;
Areas for releasing radioactive sources and dangerous articles.

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