Status and Problems

Security is the most important in the passageway security system. There is a huge flow of people in entrances and exits of railway stations, airport buildings, ports and other important transport hubs. Manual verification of travelers’ identity for entry and exit consumes plenty of energy and materials thus increasing cost in control; the increasing mobile urban population has brought unprecedented stress to the social population control departments and increased the probability of criminal cases, and it has become a hidden danger to the national security and stability and a top urgent issue to be solved by public security authorities.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

IRISIAN has launched a passageway management solution based on iris biometrics capable of achieving efficient and accurate personal identity verification, which surpasses biological recognition modes such as faces and fingerprints from the technical perspective, and is perfectly competent for accurate completion of personnel pairing and checking within a very short time to strengthen personnel control on the basis of increasing working efficiency and service standards in public industries.

The iris recognition determines travelers’ identity, which has saved complicated procedures in checking passports, waiting for lining up, and filling in entry enrollment cards, etc, and it can accurately identifies travelers’ identity on the basis of convenience, accuracy and security.
The iris server system can achieve seamless link with the background system such as air tickets and tour service, etc. It is used for the highly accurate and speedy recognition of identity in large-scale iris images and related information databases, with advantages like quick speed, high accuracy and good adaptability to applied scenes.
Due to the lifelong stability of iris, iris information requires enrollment only once before it can be effective for a long run. Effective management can be performed for cross-border time, frequency and causes, etc.
Field personnel engaged in population control can make use of mobile iris recognition devices for real-time and quick capture and authentication of personnel information. At scenes such as street patrol, checkpoints, customs passes, etc, true identity of personnel can be judged immediately, which can obtain advantages for law enforcement and maintenance of stability.

System functions

• They support dual door interlock and anti-following functions. When any door is controlled requiring to be opened, it is absolutely prohibited that another door is in the open state.

• Emergency door sealing and alarming function: In the case of any alarm, the door is subject to emergency door sealing by management software. Two doors can be sealed by force to stop enemy from outdoors or capture evildoers between the two doors with alarms triggered at the same time

• Schedules can be set for all out and in control to control out time, and form historical records in the system

• The background management software performs intelligent management of authority to entry and exit of personnel, entry and exit time and modes of entry, carries out real-time monitoring of personnel’s entry and exit and corresponding events, and stores corresponding data for later reference

System composition

Product recommendation: desktop iris collector JH-2500DC
They are applicable to centralized iris enrollment scenes with large-scale personnel. These devices are provided with the second generation of identity card readers, with their basic personal information such as names, ID card numbers, sexes, photos, etc to be automatically entered into enrollment software, thus having saved a lot of time in labor entry and check of information, which increases the efficiency in the capture of information by personnel from transport hubs.
Product recommendation: far distance iris recognition terminal JH-R
JH-R is a model of multi-modal identity information capture device with iris, faces and identity all rolled into one. The iris data cloud server management platform can hold a vast number of users. When users wear glasses or when they refuse to coordinate therewith, 1 meters of iris or face recognition will be completed. The results of recognition can be directly fed back to users via big screens and voice. It supports automatic lifting, lowering and pitching, so it is suitable to user groups at different heights. Meanwhile, the bottom is provided with universal wheels, which can be quickly arranged along safety inspection passageways of airports or transport stations or places with larger flows of people.
Product recommendation: portable iris recognition device JH-X
They are industrial level tablet devices with the application of iris, fingerprints, face information capture recognition and police affair system all rolled into one to provide technical protective approaches for modernized policemen in their law enforcement. That is the solution to risks in safety caused by disability to quickly recognize true identity of personnel. These products are provided with huge capacity batteries capable of supporting the consecutive use for 10 hours to achieve complete offline enrollment and recognition functions. They are applicable to field inspection of safety passageways by public security officers, and places with larger mobile population such as high-speed checkpoints.
It receives iris enrollment information uploaded from different capture terminals to carry out seamless information link with background systems like air tickets and travel service. Meanwhile, it performs iris information updating management of different iris recognition capture/recognition devices.

Fields of application

Transport hubs: important frontier ports, railways, highways, water transportation and aviation airports;
Students’ apartments, gymnasiums, libraries, hospitals, tourist scenic spots, clubs, venues and other public places with centralized entry and exit;
Related departments such as public security patrol, birth control, transportation, urban construction and other mobile population management.

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