Status and problems

Mechanical keys, passwords and access control cards, etc in conventional access control are the third party’s media, which are easily to be stolen or copied by others; fingerprints, faces, etc are commonly seen biometric access control system, and there are risks in counterfeiting biometric feature information. In the case of wear and tear of human fingerprints or wearing of gloves or masks or scarfs, personal identity will be unable to be effectively identified. With constant improvement of the requirements in security, advanced performance, stability and networking with regard to the access control system in China, high performance access control products in online, overall and effective control and management of access control entry and exit are urgently demanding.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

Shanghai IRISIAN Optronics Technology Co., Ltd has applied the core algorithm independently researched and developed by Co in the light of actual demands in the safe management of each field, and by means of iris recognition technology, personal safety monitoring and access control management is achieved, which can radically resolve problems such as “non-exclusivity”, loss of data, incorrect data and identity theft in respect of personal recognition generally existing in other ways of access control.

The “iris recognition technology” applicable to the devices represents the latest research results, photos, videos, iris images of corpse iris replacing living body in the living body feature recognition technology field, which can be all examined.
The system applies multiple data verification technologies and high accuracy iris recognition algorithm, with the false accept rate less than one over ten million.
One-off investment, stability and reliability, and low cost in later stage maintenance.
Depending on the background management software independently researched and developed by IRISIAN, with the collocation of iris recognition terminal JH-5200A or JH-5200D and iris capture devices JH-2500D, the operating modes are flexible and diversified.

System functions

• Can be identified in 3-sided light transmission environments, with pitching angles adaptable to groups of different heights

• At the time of iris recognition, JH-5200A can automatically judge distance, with optic leading voice to remind personnel from keeping away or keeping close

• The recognition results are automatically displayed on the main interface, including basic information on personnel and recognition time

• Hidden wiring, with forced removal of devices that may lead to automatic alarm

• In the background management procedures, different access control entry and exit authorities are set for personnel as required

• Information on the entry and exit of the collected personnel is to be transferred to servers for data backup

System composition

Enrollment of personnel's basic information, enrollment and verification of iris information
Recommended products: JH-2500D
The USB 2.0 interface is used, and is compatible with any X86 structured computers; the iris recognition system can be freely and flexibly constructed with the combination of high accuracy iris recognition SDK development kits to facilitate personnel’s iris and basic information centralized entry on a large scale; it has full metal enclosure, which is dust free, shock resistant and electromagnetic interference resistant, so it can be orientated towards system integration dealers and terminal users from different industries.
It is orientated towards users' application units, system iris recognition information capture, identification and transmission units, with recommended products as JH-5200A
It has pitching functions that are adaptable to the groups with the heights of 1.3-1.9 meters on the basis of real-time flow data processing, with quicker 1:N pairing; moreover, it can be provided with scene monitoring and face recognition functions, and by “IRISIAN Cloud” service for cloud pairing, it supports unlimited number of users, and can be deployed in internal/public networks. Moreover, it ensures quick response of service and ensure the security of access control.
It is the central control part of the system, and consists of databases, access control system, time and attendance system, personal safety monitoring system, etc. It is used for access control management, time and attendance data summary, data backup, statement generation and information inquiry.

Fields of application

Governmental organizations, bank vaults, secret rooms;
Prison houses, places for re-education through labor, visiting rooms, archive control centers;
Judicial tribunal of court, interviewing rooms, schools' standardized examination rooms, different kinds of service areas in schools;
Common companies, office buildings, plants and workshops;
Intelligent communities, intelligent buildings and deluxe hotels.

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