Status and Problems

In a certain sense, lack of control over examinations is the largest unfairness for candidates. Photo combination, false certificate and credential forging and imposters by taking advantage of advanced technical approaches severely disturb disciplines of examination rooms, and the simulated fingerprint films make fingerprint recognition technology a tremendous hidden danger, and face recognition causes a small number of candidates oversensitive to ambient lighting failing to pass recognition once and again to delay other candidates in entering the rooms. The examination room devices and facilities are to be upgraded. It is urgent to seriously stop all kinds of discipline offenses and fraudulent practices and styles.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

With regard to the foregoing issues, IRISIAN makes the use of the stability, diversified features and anti-fake performance of iris to succeed in launching the the examination room authentication system based on IRISIAN Cloud Platform to achieve centralized data access, distributed data capture, distributed candidates’ identity authentication functions. Compared to candidates’ identity recognition technology based on fingerprints and faces, iris not only has the prominent advantages in accuracy of recognition and capacity to resist interference, but also it can greatly simplify job process to reduce management costs.

According to statistics, there are hundreds of thousands of candidates registered for entrance examination in respective provinces of China. With the establishment of databases for all candidates, iris recognition identity authentication plans based on Cloud service, and high accuracy 1:1 and 1:N recognition mode, the use of iris only can recognize the identity of any person out of all candidates in a province in a very accurate manner.
No matter whether candidates wear visible glasses or contact lenses or even sunglasses, and whichever hair ornaments, cosmetics or even face-lifting or myopia operation performed, none will affect iris personal identity authentication.
Iris is of lifelong stability. The iris features for enrollment collected in the admittance to primary schools will remain unchanged for as many as 16 years until college graduation on the basis or “one-off enrollment, lifelong recognition”, which greatly saves labor and materials, and improves the standards for the management of candidates.

System functions

• Examination room iris verification to prevent candidates from entering wrong examination rooms

• Mobile tablets carry out iris check of examination rooms to prevent candidates from taking wrong seats

• Real-time check of candidates reference information; and accurate capture of information on absence from examination or information on violation of disciplines

• Background management software for examination room management centers can carry out real-time monitoring of all devices and information on recognition of candidates

System composition

Product recommendation: desktop iris collector JH-2500DC
The Council of Examination will issue the notice of iris enrollment that all candidates will be subject to iris enrollment at designated time and places.
JH-2500DC and computers are to be connected, with corresponding software and devices running, which iris images and identity card information can be collected and bound before automatically uploaded to cloud servers. Workers can compare photos shown in the interface with the real persons enrolled on the site to effectively avoid identity forging in the link of enrollment. JH-2500DC is simply and quickly operated, and it is applicable to centralized enrollment of candidates on a large scale within a short time.
Product recommendation: Mobile iris recognition devices JH-X
Multimodal recognition mode integrated iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and the second generation of ID card recognition can easily achieve multimodal combination recognition to complete various complex environment requirements for examination rooms; it provides various kinds of wireless data transmission ways for option like WIFI and GPRS/3G/4G. It supports online real-time transmission data functions connecting cloud servers via WIFI, and comparison request can be sent at any time to finish identity authentication. The devices have foldable forehead brackets. Without any training, candidates can quickly finish enrollment or recognition, with back belts and handheld design, examination supervisors can take with them as it is convenient to carry them.
Product recommendation: wall-mounted dual iris recognition products JH-5200A
As iris recognition devices arranged outside examination rooms, the products have pitching functions themselves that can suit candidates at the heights between 1.3 and 1.9 meters. While the products provide high accuracy iris recognition, they can also select scene monitoring and face recognition functions to enhance experience of candidates. The products have passed “IRISIAN Cloud” service for cloud pairing, and support unlimited number of users, and can be deployed in internal/public networks, and can ensure that recognition authentication service will be responded to quickly.
Responsible for 1:1 and 1:N pairing for iris codes.
Store users’ information, including names, admission cards and iris codes, etc of candidates.
It performs identity recognition and real monitoring of candidates, including admission time,. leaving time and information on absence from examinations.

Fields of application

Senior school joint examinations, general entrance examinations, entrance examinations for adults, and entrance examinations for postgraduate students;
Large tests like college English level tests and computer level tests;
Driving license tests, certified public accountants test, national judicial tests, practicing physician qualification tests, etc.

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