Status and Problems

With the development of VR technology, more and more realistic scenes start to be transferred to virtual scenes, for example, VR games, 360°VR videos, VR films, etc launched earlier or later. VR technologies are mostly used for recreation and entertainment, but fail ever since to be combined with industrial application. The primary cause is the identity authentication. For technical reasons, users wear display devices but are unable to use face recognition, fingerprint recognition and other biometrics to judge the identity of persons with VR display devices that have been worn.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

IRISIAN has launched the iris VR system based on VR identity recognition, and put iris recognition functions perfectly in VR devices to complete the high accuracy 1:N recognition. They can be widely used in a vast range of industries providing accurate identity authentication to achieve the organic combination or biological authentication and VR technologies.
•dual automatic capture high quality iris images
•Servers, offline enrollment and high accuracy iris recognition not required
•Recognition duration <2 seconds
•Ultra-lens nano structure spotlight to achieve the light weight of head-wearing display devices
•Provided with voice guidance system
•Vast viewing angle without dead viewing angle

System composition

Based on different operating scenes, integrated, portable and desktop enrollment devices can be used. During enrollment, it is required to collect users’ personal information and iris information.
After capture of iris data and face information, they will be automatically uploaded to iris recognition servers for storage and management.
According to different business modes, the users wear helmets for iris recognition. The devices automatically capture users’ eyes for iris information, and upload the same to iris recognition servers for comparison, and after comparison, the recognition results will be fed back to users.
They will be coupled with the original systems to complete the original systems.

Fields of application

Convenient consumption: VR shopping and online payment
•Realistic sense: to be able to better demonstrate product performance and appearance, to improve users’ satisfaction and to reduce return and replacement of goods due to less understanding of the performance by users.
•Immersive experience: users can try using the purchased products to better experience the performance of the products by interactive ways of VR devices.
•Online payment: to pass online payment of iris recognition, and fill in cargo receipt addresses.
Home decoration and fitment real estate: VR visit to housing and online appointment
The users wear head display devices, and visit the sites to find their favorite housing sources. For online appointment, iris authentication will be performed at the time of contract signing. After that, users’ information, housing source information and appointment and other information will be uploaded to servers, which will deliver the data information to house owners thus completing the appointment functions.
•Immersive 3D experience: VR visit to housing will provide users with the experience as if they went to the real site so that customers’ experience on rooms will be closer to the reality.
•Operation interaction: VR coordinating with gesture recognition, capable of throwing away handles to carry out interactive operation by gestures, so it is of more sense of reality.
•Online appointment: The iris VR system provides accurate users’ identity recognition for online appointment, online contract signing, payment of deposit and other transaction behaviors, which has guaranteed the property security and saved time cost of the parties.

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