Status and Problems

The conventional way of withdrawal by bank ATM tellers becomes less and less secure: to set false card readers to clone bank card; to peep into or gain bank card passwords fraudulently; illegal installation of foreign objects to steal away bank card passwords.
It costs over 50% of time to open personal accounts at counters, to sign for electronic banking service, to interview face to face with sales representatives, and to check online and scan and print. When there is a huge flow of people in the centers, it is required to wait in lines waiting for the call of numbers, so bank service centers are faced with the smart transformation into digital, intelligent and network operation.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

IRISIAN has launched ATM/smart teller solutions based on the combination of iris recognition + financial units, and when security and experience has increasingly become the first factor to be taken into consideration, the high accuracy of iris recognition, and living body detection technology can accurately distinguish the identity of card holders, which can be used on financial self-service devices to avoid misused and counterfeited use to guarantee security of users’ properties.
It is unnecessary to fulfill account opening of personal bank cards at counters. The users can insert their ID cards in the smart tellers to collect the verification iris information, with the touch screens filling in personal information to be scanned by hall managers for iris confirmation. Several minutes later, a new bank card can be fulfilled. In the case of any further fulfillment of business, there is no need to take any certificate with him. Iris information is the supreme certificate of his identity so that the bank service risk control become more reliable and service more considerate.

At the time of withdrawal or transfer, no certificate should be required. All you do is enter your ID card/mobile phone number, and look at the lens of iris recognition before your identity can be authenticated quickly and service can be fulfilled.
This system takes iris information as passwords, which cannot be duplicated; and every trading behavior can be recorded automatically to facilitate tracing and consulting. There will be automatic alarm in the case of any illegal condition.
Within a certain recognition distance, just stare at iris recognition lens without necessary physical contact.
In addition to transfer or withdrawal over ATM machine by users, this system can also adjust users’ authority randomly as required by management so as to understand users’ trends at any time, including customers’ identity, operation places, functions and time sequence, etc to achieve real-time intelligent management.

System composition

Iris information can be collected on desktops or can be enrolled directly by iris ATM tellers. The devices will collect iris codes generated by iris images as well as ID cards, bank cards, mobile phone binding to be uploaded to the cloud servers.
Product recommendation: desktop capture devices JH-7100D
For the purpose of satisfying the demands for binding enrollment ID card information, bank card information and iris information, the iris recognition smart self-service terminal JH-7100D should be selected as capture devices and set on bank counters. The device is provided with PSAM card readers, which can read information from ID cards and bank cards. In addition, high resolution face cameras can ensure quality of face images, which can be compared with photos of ID cards before iris enrollment is completed.
Product recommendation: pitching iris capture devices JH-2500DP (used for integration)
The products are integrated into floor-mounted iris capture/recognition ATM or bank smart tellers. They support Windows/Linux/Android Operation System. By connecting the original operation platform, just run software SDK, and you can finish iris enrollment and recognition functions. The pitching modules are applicable to users at the height between 1.3 and 1.9 meters with unrestricted and friendly experience.
Insert bank cards or just enter mobile phone numbers/ID card numbers, and you will be able to find corresponding iris codes from cloud databases; over iris recognition terminals, you can perform iris recognition, with the collected iris images to be generated into codes, which will be compared with the codes in cloud databases to succeed in verifying users’ identity for withdrawal or transfer operation.
Cloud computation service is provided to respond to service request, and to process the same.
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