JH-X|Brief Introduction

JH-X is an iris, fingerprint, face and ID card four-in-one identity enrollment and authentication industry-level tablet device researched and developed by IRISIAN. A person who operates the device can carry JH-X to any scene to use it. With three-color light and voice indications, foldable holder, mirror feedback and widescreen display, it enables fast user enrollment and recognition.

JH-X is developed based on Android OS, which is highly flexible and enables complete offline enrollment and recognition without being connected to a computer. It is equipped with a large capacity battery which can support continuous use of the product for ten hours and can be quickly replaced. The product can easily and efficiently finish personnel identity enrollment or recognition for both long and short period of time.


• Industry-level design and manufacturing level, IP67 protection level, normal use under harsh circumstances

• Iris, fingerprint, face and ID card 4-in-1 reader, free recognition combinations based on actual use conditions

• All the biometrics modules and NFC modules comply with or outperform international standards with stable and superior performance

• Go with WIFI and 4G high-speed network, highly capable of backstage communication and go with multiple information interaction modes


• Portable and integrated, suitable for mobile personnel identity enrollment and authentication

• Direct access to ID card information conveniently, fast and accurately

• Iris recognition for both operators and users (with cameras on both sides) with extreme accuracy

• User-friendly with multiple user auxiliary measures including three-color lights, voice, mirror, widescreen and holder

• Large capacity battery can be used for a long time, easily and conveniently replaced, which is suitable for projects needing a long period of time

• Under standalone mode, the device can match up to 10,000 IDs and can be expanded based on actual needs

• Its infrared LED illumination complies with European and American safety standards, which does no harm to eyes and is highly safe

JH-X|Technical Specifications

Way of Operation Standalone Mode/Grid-connected Mode Operating Range 160mm-200mm
Way of Recognition Dual Iris/Single Iris Accuracy When FRR=1/1000, FAR≤1/10 million
Operating Temperature -20℃-50℃ Operating Indication Optical, voice, mirror and liquid crystal screen guidance
Humidity 20%-80% Iris Image Comply with the ISO/IEC19794-6:2005 international standards and the GB/T 20979 national standards
Ambient Light 0-5000Lux Way of Illumination Comply with the IEC/EN 62471 photo biological safety international standards
Time of Enrollment ≤3S Dimension 170mm*260mm*40mm
Time of Recognition <1S Interface USB 2.0 (OTG), 3.5mm headphone jack and DC interface
Weight ≤1KG Touch Screen 7-inch, full-view, 5 spot touch control, operation with gloves and rain
Protection Level IP67 Battery Capacity/td> lithium polymer battery with no less than 10000mAH of capacity, which can be quickly replaced
Applicable Standards 2nd-generation ID card reader: meet the GA450-2013 general technical requirements of desktop ID card readers
Fingerprint recognition: meet the GA1012-2012 technical specifications of ID card fingerprint capture and comparison
Face recognition: meet the GA461-2004 technical requirements of ID card digital photos


The highly portable JH-X applies to special scenes where fixed devices can't be used for identity authentication, such as prison/jail informatization management (visitor system and wireless roll call system), social security survival authentication in rural areas, public security inspections, customs clearance, examinee management, ward round in the hospital, customer visiting management in the banking system, and so on.

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