JH-R|Brief Introduction

JH-R is a long-distance iris and face two-in-one recognition device researched and developed by IRISIAN. It can capture high-quality dual iris images within the range of 0.5-1m and can capture high-quality face images within the range of 0.5-1.5m. Wearing traditional glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses, users can still quickly finish iris enrollment and recognition. The device can also be used for reading ID card information, which can quickly get user information during the enrollment process. It can also automatically go up and down according to different users of different heights. With wheels on the bottom, it can be easily and fast deployed. Its optional access control module enables wireless gate control and access control.


• Solid and reliable with industry-level design and manufacturing level, normal operation under harsh circumstances

• Iris, face and ID card 3-in-1 authentication, free recognition combinations based on actual use conditions

• Highly adjustable based on users of different heights, user-friendly

• Fast and accurate iris recognition within 1 second with FAR≤1/10 million


• Long-distance biometrics, iris recognition within 0.5-1.0m and face recognition within 0.5-1.5m

• Adapted to various ambient light conditions, normal operation under sunlight in the open air

• Good experiences of users wearing glasses, including traditional glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses

• Despite wearing scarves and masks, users can finish iris recognition if only they expose their eyes

• Its widescreen makes it convenient for users to stand at the right area and for recognition result feedback and creates an intuitive and clear way of interaction

• Infrared LED light complies with European and American safety standards and does no harm to eyes, which is highly safe

JH-R|Technical Specifications

Way of Operation Standalone Mode/Online Mode Range of Recognition Iris Recognition: 0.5m-1.0m, Face Recognition: 0.5m-1.5m
Way of Recognition Dual Iris/Single Iris Iris Accuracy When FRR= 1/1000, FAR≤1/10 million
Operating Temperature -20℃-50℃ Iris Image Standard Comply with the ISO/IEC19794-6 international standards and the GB/T 20979 2017 national standards (revised)
Iris Enrollment Time ≤3S
Iris Recognition Time <1S Way of Illumination Infrared lighting complies with the IEC/EN 62471 international safety standards
Lifting Height 70-120cm Interface RJ45*1, Bluetooth, WIFI, etc.
Gazing Angle 0°-90° Liquid Crystal Display Screen 40-inch HD LED Screen
ID Card Reader Standard The GA450-2013 general technical requirements of desktop ID card readers


JH-R is a long-distance iris and face recognition product with a long recognition range, which is operator-friendly. It can be used in channel security management, access control and identity authentication, which applies to public places with large flow of people, such as airports, ports, places for holding meetings and exhibitions, unmanned retail stores, and so on.

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