JH-7100D|Brief Introduction

JH-7100D is an ARM structure-based Iris + face + ID card desktop terminal researched and developed by IRISIAN, which applies to resident survival authentication to ensure precise issuance of pensions. Its wide-angle rocker arm enables users to stand at the right area for recognition and increases user experiences. Issuing pensions by survival authentication with JH-7100D can effectively stop the loss of pensions and avoid the happening of false pension claiming.

With an iris camera and a face camera, JH-7100D offers iris recognition and face recognition functions. Users can make their own choices based on actual conditions. They can also be combined into different authentication strategies. When doing the survival authentication, residents only need to put their ID cards at the scanning area and authentication will be finished in 1 second. Using both iris and face recognitions will make the authentication process convenient and fast, which can also avoid problems like “lower recognition rate and higher error rate” caused by natural abrasion of one single biological feature like fingerprint, face, vena digitalis, etc. as an individual grows older. Using the two recognition modes can guarantee “one-time enrollment and lifelong recognition.”


• Fast recognition, iris recognition can be finished within 1 second

• Accurate recognition with FAR≤1/10 million

• Eye-friendly with no harm to eyes from infrared light

• User-friendly and its foldable rocker arm helps with fast enrollment

• Highly flexible, iris recognition and face recognition can be freely combined


• High integration leads to completing access to 2nd-general ID card information and iris capture at the same time

• Simple and user-friendly interface

• Highly expanded and go with NFC and WCDWA configurations

• Low cost and small investment

• Built-in lithium battery enables offline operation of the device when there is no external power source

JH-7100D|Technical Specifications

Way of Operation Standalone Mode/Online Mode Iris Recognition Range 160mm-200mm
Biometric Iris Recognition + Face Recognition Iris Recognition Accuracy When FRR=1/1000, FAR≤1/10 million
Iris Enrollment ≤3S Iris Image Standard Comply with the ISO/IEC19794-6 international standards
Iris Recognition <1S
Ambient Light 0-5000Lux Illumination Safety Infrared illumination complies with the IEC/EN 62471 international safety standards
Display Screen 7-inch TFT-LCD Screen Operating System Android 4.1
Weight <1kg Rocker Arm Angle Range 0°-180°
Dimension 220*215*75mm Interface USB, RS232, RJ45, RJ11, HDMI, etc.
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ - 50℃ Power/Battery 12V/5A (built-in 7.4V/2200mAh lithium battery enables offline operation of the device)
ID Card Reader Standard Apply to 2nd-generation ID card reading and ISO 14443(Type-B) non-contact IC card information reading


JH-7100D can be installed in township-level administrative divisions, like village committees, grocery stores or special agencies in rural areas for resident survival authentication. More social security related businesses can be expanded for this product. For instance, with their social security cards, users can check social security information, pay fees, handle social security related businesses, check information about agriculture-related subsidies, transfer and pay money, recharge prepaid cell phones, handle hospital registration booking, etc.

JH-7100D can quickly extend social security services to rural areas and increase the quality and level of social security services; make it much more convenient for peasants to handle survival authentication, social security fee payment and information inquiry; reduce social security personnel's business stresses and government's daily administrative expenses; closely connect social security cards with people's daily life and make the financial function of social security cards more active.

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