JH-5200A|Brief Introduction

JH-5200A is a wall-mounted dual iris recognition product researched and developed by IRISIAN. Its side-gazing capture capability enables it to serve users who are 1.3m to 1.9m tall. In addition to offering highly accurate iris recognition, the product also offers optional scene surveillance and face recognition functions to increase user experiences. By cloud-based comparison with the “IRISIAN Cloud” service, the product is able to identify an unlimited number of users, which can be deployed through intranet or public network and ensure quick response of services.


• 10,000 users supported for the stand-alone mode and unlimited for the cloud mode

• Side-gazing capture capability for users of different heights

• Intelligent voice and optical guidance

• Wall mounting installation and hidden wires make it available for using in small space

• Optional HD monitor camera, for scene surveillance and face recognition

• Low power consumption leads to more stable operation for a long time

• Infrared auxiliary light complies with European and American safety standards and does no harm to eyes


• Highly accurate 1:1 and 1: N recognition mode

• "IRISIAN Cloud" service is available for intranet/public network real-time comparison, easy to be deployed and flexibly integrated

• High speed and high pass rate

• Non-contact, clean and hygiene

• High cost performance

JH-5200A|Technical Specifications

Way of Operation Standalone Mode/Online Mode Operating Range 160mm-200mm
Way of Recognition Single Iris/Dual Iris Accuracy When FRR=1/1000,FAR≤1/10 million
Operating Temperature -20℃-50℃ Operating Indication Voice and optical guidance
Humidity 10%-80% Interface RJ45、RS232/485、Wiegand、HDMI
Time of Enrollment ≤3S Way of Illumination Infrared lighting complies with the IEC/EN 62471 international safety standards
Time of Recognition <1S Dimension 209mm*248mm*43mm
Weight 1.5KG Power DC 12V/3A
Touch Screen 5-inch capacitive touch screen Storage Capacity 50,000 records and 10,000 IDs; expansion is optional; unlimited records and IDs via internet
Applicable Standards Neptune I iris recognition system product enterprise standards, GB/T 20979-2007 iris recognition system technical requirements (reference), GA/T 394-2002 entry and exit control system technical requirements (reference) and Neptune I product specifications

JH-5200A|Product Applications

The product can be adopted widely in different fields including information security, e-commerce, banking, enterprises and public institutions, industrial and mining, electric power, military service, prison/jail, airports, customs and ports for access control and ID recognition.

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