JH-2700DP|Brief Introduction

JH-2700DP is an “Iris + Face” multimodal dual spectrum ATM biological recognition system, customized for the application needs of clients in public security, security, transportation and financial industries. Integrating two USB cameras, it can capture both infrared images and visible images. In terms of infrared image, it can capture complete infrared iris and infrared face biological information and finish high-precision iris recognition identity authentication along with Irisian Optronics' iris recognition algorithm with complete proprietary intellectual property rights. In terms of visible images, it can capture complete visible face biological information and finish visible face identity authentication along with Irisian Optronics' visible face recognition algorithm with complete proprietary intellectual property rights.


• Biological feature data safety cloud platform and iris identity authentication cloud platform – data integration, efficient operation and maintenance

• Eye movements and micro expressions vivo bioassay algorithm – stronger anti-counterfeiting and impeccable

• Iris + face multi-feature imaging modules – high precision, no error recognition

• Automatic size-gating non-inductive capture platform – better experience regardless height

• AI nerve cell computational accelerator card – better performance with rapid computation


• Recognition range: 40cm to 70cm

• Applicable for users of different heights

• Non-inductive recognition without active cooperation

• Non-contact, clean and hygiene

• High speed and high pass rate

• Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux and Android operating systems

• Recognition precision not affected by accessories like hats, sunglasses, masks and scarves

JH-2700DP|Technical Specifications

Device Function Infrared iris recognition, visible face recognition, dual spectrum face vivo bioassay Anti-interference Recognition not affected by wearing accessories like hats, sunglasses, masks and scarves
Working Platform windows XP、linux、windows 7、Android Accuracy When FRR=1/1000, FAR≤1/10 million
Type of Camera Infrared camera: AF
Visible camera: FF
Iris Image Standard Comply with the national standard ISO/IEC 19794-6:2011
Way of Illumination Infrared lighting complies with the IEC/EN 62471 international safety standard
Frames Per Second 25fps Spectrum Captured Visible light, infrared light
Interface USB standard interface *2 Way to Capture Automatic triggering
Video Format MJPEG Power Consumption ≤5W
Iris Capture Range 40-70cm Average Iris Capture Time ≤2 S
Face Capture Range 40-70cm Average Face Capture Time ≤1 S


China's first iris and face two-in-one ATM has been launched for actual use at CCB. Financial-class biological identity authentication solution will become an indispensable part during the development of financial technology. Renovated financial machines become super teller machines. This is the beginning of artificial intelligence technology experiences. Artificial intelligence technologies will be applied in more scenarios in the financial industry. Non-inductive authentication, intelligent risk control and vivo bioassay will increase customer experience to an unprecedented level. Artificial intelligence technologies will bring more brand new customer experiences.

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