JH-2500DP|Brief Introduction

JH-2500DP is an auto-tilt dual iris recognition product researched and developed by IRISIAN with the gazing angles from -25° to +35°, which applies to people who are 1.3m-1.9m tall, basically covering 99% of people. It means that it can identify almost all people. Within a wide range of temperatures, JH-2500DP can maintain nice damping stability, which means that it can normally operate under different climatic conditions in different regions. What's more, it can still precisely target subjects from random angles when it is continuously rotating. JH-2500DP can capture and recognize high-quality dual iris images. With a USB2.0 interface, it is compatible with any X86-structured computers. Along with the highly accurate iris recognition SDK, users can freely and flexibly build their own iris recognition systems which will go perfectly with original hardware, software and operational approaches.


• Dual iris image capture and recognition

• Intelligent optical and voice guidance

• Compatible with all computers through its USB2.0 interface

• Infinite IDs under online mode

• Infrared auxiliary light complies with European and American safety standards and does no harm to eyes


• Apply to people who are 1.3m-1.9m tall

• Compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems

• Non-contact, clean and hygiene

• Easy to be deployed and flexibly integrated

• High speed and high pass rate

• Highly accurate 1:1 and 1: N recognition mode

JH-2500DP|Technical Specifications

Way of Operation Online Mode Iris Recognition Range 160mm—200mm
Way of Recognition Dual Iris/Single Iris Accuracy When FRR=1/1000, FAR≤1/10 million
Operating Temperature -20℃-50℃ Operating Indication Optical Guidance
Humidity 20%-80% Compatible OSs Windows XP/7/8/10/CE、 Linux
Ambient Light 0-5000Lux Iris Image Comply with the ISO/IEC19794-6:2005 international standards
Time of Enrollment ≤3S Way of Illumination Infrared lighting complies with the IEC/EN 62471 international safety standards
Time of Recognition <1S Dimension 205mm*100mm*90mm
Way to Capture Non-contact automatic triggering Gazing Angle -25°— +35°
Power Consumption <2w Interface USB2.0
Weight 500g Power Power supply through USB, no need to use other devices for power supply


The product applies to a wide range of areas. It can be used by integrators of different systems since it can be easily integrated with large industrial equipments, such as floor equipment cabinet, IPC Chassis, kiosk, automation equipment and so on. It sees wide applications in various fields like information security, banking, industrial and mining, electric power, military service, prison/jail management, airports, family planning, examinations, urban-rural resident endowment insurance, etc. for access control and identity authentication. It can be used by system integrators and terminal users.

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