JH-2500DC|Brief Introduction

JH-2500DC is a USB iris + ID card scanner with the 2nd-generation ID card reading function researched and developed by IRISIAN. Before the iris enrollment process, users' ID card information will be quickly read and automatically recorded into the enrollment system. The digital compressed photos in users' ID cards will be restored into visible images which will be displayed in the photo frame of the enrollment interface. Users' photos will be therefore bound to their iris information. In the meantime, by comparing the displayed photo with the subject on the spot, the identity of the subject can be intuitively and precisely verified so as to avoid fake identity in the enrollment process. Fast and user-friendly, JH-2500DC applies to large scale enrollment in a short period of time, like public security management, social security management and examination place management, etc.


• High integration leads to completing access to 2nd-general ID card information and iris capture at the same time

• Highly portable and can work in different situations

• Highly adaptable with fully-enclosed shading iris capture enabling it to be hardly affected by ambient light

• Highly compatible with various operating systems including Windows, Android and Linux


• Fast reading and recording personal information within 1 second

• Fast recognition, iris recognition can be finished within 1 second

• Accurate recognition with FAR≤1/10 million

• User-friendly, users only need to hold the device and stare straightly at the screen

JH-2500DC|Technical Specifications

Way of Operation Online Mode Iris Recognition Range 160mm—200mm
Way of Recognition Dual Iris/Single Iris Accuracy When FRR=1/1000, FAR≤1/10 million
Operating Temperature -20℃-70℃ Operating Indication Voice and optical guidance
Ambient Light 0-5000Lux Image Quality Comply with the ISO/IEC: 19794-6:2005 international standards
Time of Enrollment ≤3S Illumination Safety Infrared lighting complies with the IEC/EN 62471
Time of Recognition <1S Dimension 162mm*61mm*58mm(iris capture module)
Weight 260g Compatible OSs Compatible with various operating systems including Windows, Android and Linux
Interface USB3.0 Power Consumption <4W
ID Card Reader Standard The GA450-2013 general technical requirements of desktop ID card readers
The GA467-2013 ID card authentication security control mode interface technical specifications
The CSP-V05-001:2013 social public security product authentication implementation rules – ID card readers


JH-2500DC applies to large scale iris enrollment. It is equipped with a 2nd-generaiton ID card reader. By putting users' ID cards on the reader, their basic personal information (like name, ID card number, gender, photo, etc.) will be automatically recorded in the enrollment software and displayed on a corresponding enrollment interface, which can save a lot of time used for manual entry and information checking in the past and increase the efficiency of information collection.JH-2500DC is compatible with Windows and Linux systems. By connecting with a PC, fast enrollment and iris recognition will be realized. It applies to areas like social security-related business handling, public security inspection, airport clearance, examinee management, hospital ward round, precision manufacturing, etc.

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