Irisian Optronics Iris Access Control System Serves Huashan North Hospital and Helps with Narcotic Drug Administration

5-4,2018 IRISIAN

Hospital is an important sector concerning people’s life and health. As information technology keeps developing, people have increasing medical level requirement and hospital information construction gradually causes widespread concern from insiders and outsiders. Integrating biometrics with hospital information management system is a current trend of information application in hospitals and medical institutions.

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[] Zhongfu Group’s 2018 Masterpiece, Zhongfu Safe & Vault No. 1 Debuts

4-23,2018 IRISIAN

Zhongfu Group is a 26-year-old Shanghai-based medium and high-end real estate all industry chain operator, which has developed a range of medium and high-end residents and commercial property projects in downtown Shanghai, including Fortune City (Phase I, II and III), Zhong Fu Mansion, Zhong Fu Apartment, Zhongfu Huayuan (Qingnianhui),Zhongfu Antique City, Charms (Zhongfu) Hotel, Salvo Hotel, etc. with its mature property quality, 5A-grade management services and characteristic development philosophy. Zhongfu has become a famous brand in Shanghai!

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IRISIAN Debuts Iris Intelligent Financial Solution: []First Self-service Bank Opens in Shanghai with Biometrics Its Biggest Highest

4-12,2018 IRISIAN

On April 9, 2018, an opening ceremony was held for China Construction Bank Shanghai Self-service Bank situated at No. 303 Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai. The self-service bank was officially put into service. Such move will redefine bank clients’ financial service experiences, which will lay a solid foundation for CCB Shanghai Branch’s constant improvement of its financial service system, promotion of outlet operation efficiency and pushing forward intelligence construction and development of physical outlets.

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Dialogue with Dr. Gong Yazhuo from Irisian Optronics: Pursue High-precision Technology and Management

4-4,2018 IRISIAN

Since 2001, Dr. Gong Yazhuo has tapped into the iris recognition area, who is one of the earliest young experts specializing in iris research in China. Irisian Optronics under his leadership is a hi-tech enterprise with a mastery of iris recognition core technologies as well as complete proprietary intellectual property rights, which offers specialized iris recognition products. To him, two core factors decide the development of the company: technology and management. The former is the foundation of an enterprise while the latter is a powerful engine contributing to the sustainable development of the enterprise. Both are indispensable.

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Access control choice: What is the good point of iris recognition equipment?

2-23,2018 IRISIAN

The access control is a key link of guaranteeing the human body, property and data security of various governments, commerce and people's livelihood and is an important part of "material defense" in the field of security and protection. Despite the access control system, their common nature is judging whether someone has the authority to enter an area through the corresponding technical means.

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[Industry Information] Application of Iris Recognition under "Internet + Human Resources and Social Security

2-9,2018 IRISIAN

In Nov. 2016, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the notice of "Internet + Human Resources and Social Security" 2020 Action Plan.

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