Irisian Optronics Iris Access Control System Serves Huashan North Hospital and Helps with Narcotic Drug Administration


Hospital is an important sector concerning people’s life and health. As information technology keeps developing, people have increasing medical level requirement and hospital information construction gradually causes widespread concern from insiders and outsiders. Integrating biometrics with hospital information management system is a current trend of information application in hospitals and medical institutions.
Since the environment of a hospital is different from other units, biometrics not only need to meet the development need of security work of all departments, but also should meet hospital’s special requirements of sanitation and prevention of disease infection. The existing finger print recognition system has a technology security problem, which is relatively low recognition precision. What’s worse, the contact way of capture is easy to cause virus infection under the complicated environment in the hospital. Face recognition may fail because it can not capture complete face information of doctors and nurses wearing isolation gowns, glasses and masks. Iris recognition uses non-contact way of image capture and can normally work when users are wearing masks, hats, glasses, contact lenses and even sunglasses.

The application of iris recognition access control system not only helps increase a hospital’s security level, but also plays a critical role in restricting infection. In 2015, IRISIAN installed an iris recognition access control system for the Infectious Disease Building Department of Hushan North Hospital, which has been working stably without breakdown for over two years. This system has complete eradicated contact infection, ensures public health and safety and receives unanimous praises from medical staff of the hospital. In 2018, IRISIAN installed a new generation product JH-5200A, another iris recognition access control system for the Narcotic Pharmacy of Huashan North Hospital again to help the hospital with the implementation of narcotic drug administration: dedicated responsible person, dedicated counter with a lock, dedicated account book, dedicated prescription and dedicated register book. By hospital staff iris feature registration and authentication, the system can help the hospital finish identity authentication and help it realize overall administration and safe storage of toxic and narcotic preparations and psychopathic drugs so as to realize “dedicated person”, “dedicated counter” and “dedicated register book” administration of the above-mentioned drugs.

JH-5200A Product Introduction

IRISIAN has been developing in the iris recognition field for nearly two decades and has successfully applied iris recognition technology in hospital access control, personnel management, etc. It researches and develops algorithm, hardware design, products and cloud service all by itself. Its products can well meet different scenario requirements in the hospital.
• Iris Recognition Core Algorithm: when FAR≤1/10 million, FRR≤1/1000, able to issue an algorithm precision testing report provided by the Third Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security;
• Iris image follows the ISO/IEC 19794-6 international standard, establishes and strengthens connectivity with internationalized iris products;
• Real-time onsite monitor and capture, make personnel access record searchable and make sure that the operating system
• Enable multimodal recognition and multiple identity authentication ways along with face recognition, IC card and so on based on users’ needs, traceable authentication process;
• Compatible with mainstream systems like Windows and Linux, flexible deployment and easy to expand.

Application scenarios
1.Operating Room, Emergency Room

Installing iris access control devices at operating rooms and emergency rooms can prevent emotional relatives of patients from intruding into the operating rooms and affecting on-going major surgeries; enabling doctors responsible for relevant surgeries with iris access pass can prevent doctors from random switching and non-related personnel from entering the operating rooms so as to lower the incidence rate of medical negligence.

2.Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, Nursery and Assisted Reproductive Centre

Newborns can be hardly identified at the maternity hospital. Baby switching, loss and trafficking caused by access control management loopholes of nurseries frequently took place. By using iris access control management equipment at Newborn Intensive Care Unit, the hospital can keep irrelevant personnel out of the nurseries so as to strictly protect lying-in women’s privacies and prevent newborns from being switched or lost. Installing an iris access control management device at single rooms of Nursery and Assisted Reproductive Centre can ensure privacy.

3.Inpatient Department, ICU

Only relevant doctors and medical staff can get access to ICU and Operating Room through iris recognition. Each patient’s visiting or care-giving relatives will get access through iris recognition at different times to strictly manage visiting hours.

4.Radiology Department, Infectious Disease Department, Psychiatric Unit

Since the work environment has certain safety risks to medical staff, using iris access control equipment can prevent medical staff and outsiders from accidentally entering the cross infection area or the ray area and getting hurt without safety protection. Adopt iris access control system between different infectious disease wards and between the infectious disease department and other wards and departments for channel management. Medical staff have the highest access authority and patients and relatives can only stay at controlled areas. They can’t walk around to avoid spreading infection.
Some patients at the Psychiatric Unit are very aggressive, who may violently harm medical staff or other patients unexpectedly. Some patients do not have normal cognitive abilities. Iris access control system can effectively limit these patients’ scope of activities.

5.Medicine Warehouse, Virus Analysis Lab

Equip medicine warehouse, dangerous goods storage center, drug warehouse, bacteriology culture lab and precision instrument room in the hospital with high-precision iris access control management system to strictly avoid unexpected corrupt practices of special medicines and dangerous goods.

6.Hospital Leaders’ Offices, Department Leaders’ Offices

Medical staff need to keep away from patients’ and relatives’ personal attacks. When medical disputes take place, medical staff may be maliciously injured. Iris access control management can prevent from difficulties and medical troubles purposely made by patients and relatives to some extent.

7.Machine Room, Medical Facility Area, Office Area and Accounting Office

Important ward areas are concerning safety of precious life and properties. To prevent patients in these areas from being unexpectedly hurt and prevent medical facilities from being operated by unprofessional people, a hospital needs to strictly control personnel access to these areas. It should install iris access control system according to functions of different administrative areas.
Since patients can not pay with their debit cards at some hospitals, a large amount of cashes are stored at the hospitals everyday. Iris access control system can help with access control at charge area and financial management area. It can also help manage cash delivery channels to prevent accidents like stealing and robbery in advance.

Irisian Optronics’ iris recognition collection products also help hospitals with information safety management and resource optimization and integration. Doctors log in to their personal computers and medical system through a portable iris recognition device to prevent leakage of sensitive patients’ personal information. When a patient sees a doctor at the hospital, establish an iris identity information electronic file for the patient and keep records of information of the patient like name, ID number, medical history and so on. In the future, the patient can use iris recognition for identity authentication and payment in registration, seeing doctors, paying the fees and getting the medicines. Hospital administrators can get access records of internal staff via iris recognition background software and use the records for screening, keep statistics of, analyzing and handling hospital staff’s attendance situation so as to arrange reasonable shifts, increase internal work efficiency and reduce operating costs.
Irisian Optronics will keep insisting on innovation and focusing on the development of iris recognition technology and products to meet users’ pursuit of a perfect intelligent future. It will strive to more comprehensively fuse iris recognition technology with smart hospital information construction.

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