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Irisian Optronics helps Zhongfu Group offer high-end private safe and vault services with a SBC-class security system and a privacy service system featuring whole-course intelligent control. Irisian Optronics’ Long-distance Iris and Face Two-in-One Recognition Terminal can quickly finish face or iris recognition within the operating range of 0.5-1.5m and improve security mechanism and convenience function of safes even though users are wearing glasses, contact lenses or even sunglasses. Irisian Optronics offers a wider range of application fields including banking, coal mining and upscale clubs iris safe solutions based on iris recognition identity authentication with its top-ranking iris recognition technology and client-first service philosophy.

Zhongfu Group is a 26-year-old Shanghai-based medium and high-end real estate all industry chain operator, which has developed a range of medium and high-end residents and commercial property projects in downtown Shanghai, including Fortune City (Phase I, II and III), Zhong Fu Mansion, Zhong Fu Apartment, Zhongfu Huayuan (Qingnianhui),Zhongfu Antique City, Charms (Zhongfu) Hotel, Salvo Hotel, etc. with its mature property quality, 5A-grade management services and characteristic development philosophy. Zhongfu has become a famous brand in Shanghai!

Introduce new business in Huangpu District as a gift to Shanghai

During its development of medium and high-end property projects for years, Zhongfu Group has found that property owners’ management-type small safes can hardly meet the increasing need of all orders of society to safely keep treasures and private information. The public urgently need safer and more private exclusive safekeeping services. That’s why Zhongfu Safe and Vault No. 1 is established.

Most safe businesses in the world are specially for antique and artwork collectors. Since China’s economic environment keeps improving, rich and stable life is the foundation and drive of collection. Discerning investors begin to shift their investment direction to collection. Some rich men who have elegant hobbies even spend a lot in collection. The transaction volume of artwork auctions in China accounts for 31% in world market. China has become the world’s second biggest artwork market, only inferior to the US, with 70 million collectors.

Such a huge number of collectors and numerous collections make safekeeping an impending problem. Collection safekeeping has tough requirements: prevention of fire and thievery, proper temperature and humidity, harmful gas and dust, mould and insect pest, light, etc. should be all taken into account by collectors.

Selecting a specialized safe company is the best option for collectors, because it can help collectors solve all problems.

Adjacent to Nanpu Bridge, an iconic transportation hub in the Bud, Huangpu District, Zhongfu Safe and Vault is situated at South Bund. Zhongfu Group began to prepare for setting up the company in 2016. Aiming to build a top-ranking exclusive custody center in Shanghai and even in the entire Asia, Zhongfu Safe and Vault will soon launch private exclusive safe products and safekeeping & custodial services after two years of concentrated exploration. It will further popularize and extend the concept of personal safekeeping & custodial services in the whole society and start a new chapter of the private wealth safekeeping & custodial services field.

Keep wealth safe and keep privacy private

The six-side ten-meter tall vault of Zhongfu Safe and Vault was jointly created by Zhongfu and world’s security product giant Diebold Incorporated. Its SBC-class security system can comprehensively ensure the safety of all properties kept. Along with its supervision and control system consisting of “Face Recognition System”, “Iris Recognition System”, “AGV Smart Guide Access System”, “24-hour Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring System”, “24-hour Security Patrol System” and “Monitor Data Forever Storage and Capture System” and UL certified Vault Mixed Lock System, these eight security and protection systems make everywhere safe.

Zhongfu Safe and Vault adopts intelligent operation for whole-course wealth safekeeping and custody. Users get direct access to their safes with UKEY and safe keys without other people’s participation. The company also offers users exclusive VIP personalized and customized services. Safe types and security conditions in the vault can be diversified and individualized based on users’ needs.

Facing medium and high-end personal safekeeping and custody market, Zhongfu Safe and Vault will offer you convenient, highly efficient and safe exclusive private property and information safekeeping and custodial services sincerely with its SBC-class security system, privacy service system based on whole-course intelligent operation.

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